Arriving safely
since 1916

Founded in 1916 at the «Kutscherhüsli»

beginnings as
a coach house
Karl Herold was a private carriage driver for a wealthy textile company in St.Gallen. With time, he also began transporting his own passengers. Then, in 1916, our company success story found its humble beginnings in a coach house on Rosenbergstrasse in St.Gallen – with three employees, a Pic-Pic and a Packard.
American influence
and World War II
In 1944, the company purchased new black Chrysler vehicles and expanded to hold four taxi permits. The challenges of the era demanded new ideas and innovation. During the war, two taxis were converted to charcoal power due to fuel shortages. The company premises soon became too small and new facilities with space for a small workshop were purchased on Gartenstrasse.
On 1 January 1948, Carl Herold junior took over the company with four taxis. A short time later, the company doubled in size through the acquisition of Stern Taxis, a company with a further four permits.
Chrysler fleet from Herold Taxi
post-war boom
Four generations of Herold Taxi AG (ltr Karl Herold, Carl Herold, Max Herold sen., Ruth Herold)
1960 saw the company move to Platztor, a premises with an office, refuelling stations and a workshop. On 1 August 1968, sons Max and Werner Herold took over the management of their parents’ company. Max led the taxi division with eight B permits and five A permits while Werner took on the car rentals and tyre trading divisions, which were later sold. The company added a driving school to its portfolio and continually expanded its taxi services.
the red revolution
In 1972, the black taxis from America were replaced with a fleet of Volvos, ushering in the red-and-yellow Herold Taxi era. To this day, the colour “Passion Red” symbolises what drives our company: a passion to provide the best possible services every day.
Taxilamp since 1972
Herold Taxi launches
Herold School Bus
Herold Taxi launches the first School Bus
1986 saw the launch of our school bus services with two yellow Toyota minibuses. In 1991, the school bus fleet was doubled through the purchase of two Nissan minibuses.
taxi office moves
to Poststrasse
With 32 permits and 4 school buses, the company was taken over on 1 September 1992 by Ruth and Daniel Holenstein-Herold. In the same year, the fleet moved into the company’s own underground car park on Martinsbruggstrasse. The taxi office moved from the train station building to a new office at Poststrasse 11, where it remains to this day.
Herold Taxi celebrates the 80th anniversary. This London cab could be booked for a ride to a restaurant as part of an Olma promotion.


Received the seal of quality

In 1998 the workshop moved from a garage in Kreuzbleiche to Heiligkreuzstrasse 4. In the same year, Herold Taxi was awarded the seal of quality of the Schweizerischen Tourismusverband, Switzerland’s tourism association.

The cab center now plans its trips with computers.
a new era dawns
As the first taxi company in Switzerland to purchase bio/natural gas, Herold Taxi established itself as a leader in ecological business practices. Since then, the company has carefully checked the eco-friendliness of every new vehicle purchased.
St. Gallen Bärenstark – Bear statues populated the St. Gallen city center in 2005 and 2006. Among them was the Herold Bear.
2002: Herold Taxi acquires Tschannen Taxi, a company with a long history in St.Gallen, thus expanding the client base.
2005: Taxi Herold is now official RailTaxi in St.Gallen
2013: The Herold-Junior fleet is introduced – 10 small taxis without radio equipment that exclusively service the taxi stands for casual customers.
2014: Launch of the Herold Taxi app – a hit with the younger clients.
100 Years Herold Taxi
2017: Herold Taxi has added the first Tesla electric cabs to its fleet. Demand is high. The gullwing doors of the cabs make an impression and the clientele is enthusiastic about the driving behavior of the first sustainable electric cabs. In the same year, Herold Taxi joins the national cab app go! in order to also take a pioneering role in digitalization.
On September 1, Daniel Holenstein retires from day-to-day business and hands over the operational management of the company to his sons in the fifth generation: David and Samuel Holenstein take over the management.
2019: Herold Taxi switches to green electricity from St.Galler Stadtwerke. Climate-conscious, sustainable and clean for the environment.
The Herold-Junior fleet goes electric and two hydrogen-powered vehicles are purchased, increasing the percentage of the fleet powered by eco-friendly resources to 26%. By ordering 6 solar panels for the roof of the ice rink in Lerchenfeld, the company joins St.Gallen’s Solar Community. ice rink in Lerchenfeld.
Fun fact: Hermes, messenger of the gods and protector of travellers and the transport profession, carries a caduceus, a symbol of the heralds. Heralds were the messengers of the princes.
With two new 16-seat corporate buses, over 100 vehicles are on the road every day for our valued clients, be it a taxi, wheelchair bus, minibus, courier service, luggage transport or one of our other flexible services.
Imagine how good you‘d be
at something if you‘d done
it every single day since 1916.
Herold Taxi
Herold Taxi. Arriving safely since 1916.